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Poison Kool-Aid for the Soul

A selection of humorous quotes by author Sean Maher. The 50 page book measures 4 x 7” and is printed letterpress from hand-set type and bound by hand. It’s what’s known as a “chapbook”, or a collection of work by one artist in one small book.

Excerpts from the pages include:

• “If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, why do I have Chlamydia?”

• “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, so everybody wins!”

• “I think I’m happiest when I’m festering in my own bitterness.”

Each book is individually edition numbered and packaged in it’s own cherry-scented box, which includes the following:

• (1) DVD — The Making of Poison Kool-Aid for the Soul,” a visual documentary featuring the author hand-setting pages of the book in the Toxic Coyote Press workshop. The letterpress process showcases the printing of the pages, covers, and labels. The author is shown printing and hand feeding coasters on an antique table-top letterpress. A sequence about the binding and finishing of the books is also included. A very visual behind-the-scenes look at limited edition printing… “the old fashioned way.”

• Poison Kool-Aid for the Soul Coasters printed in 2 colors

• Poison Kool-Aid for the Soul Napkin

• Poison Kool-Aid for the Soul Postcard

• A Package of Kool-Aid

• 2 Happy Face Drinking Straws

• Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

• Autographed by the Author, upon request

This all letterpress edition is limited to 250 copies with the initial pre-publication offering at $40 per copy.

Please reserve your copy now. This very special edition will sell out quickly!

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